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Down on the urban farm September 26, 2012

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We decided we wanted to play out, we wanted to do something fun and I remembered that less than 20 minutes away is a charity/lottery funded urban farm. It is on the Meanwood Valley Trail so you can make a real day of it but we just wanted to visit the Farm today. At only £1 entry for adults and 50p for children it doesn’t break the bank!

Ready to go, i love this picture, cheeky boy!

We had a lovely day seeing the animals, my favourite animals EVER are sheep, growing up in Yorkshire I have seen a lot of them and they are cute. Sam liked them too but as he found out they are not as fluffy as they look , a bit greasy and rough to be exact!  He was more taken with the donkey, he liked to stroke him and the donkey obliged, even though Sam had accidently ‘stroked’ his eye first!

Not so fluffy sheep.

After seeing the donkey and the sheep we looked at the alpacas, who were sporting the most amazing haircuts, they were considerably softer than the sheep.  They are brilliant looking animals, tall with long necks and the biggest darkest eyes, beautiful. There were two of them and they stuck together like glue as the goats they were sharing a barn with were quite….how shall I put it… bossy! The poor things didnt get hardly any of the food we had bought at the farm because the goats would butt them out of the way and climb the fence – that’s right, CLIMB!


Alpacas, they reminded me of the yin-yang symbol

They have a cafe at the farm which serves hot and cold food, drinks and snacks. The variety of food available was excellent and they did a veggie full breakfast – yum! Sam had a childrens meal, and enjoyed looking at the lovely pictures which were painted on the walls. After clearing up his mess and a having a  lovely hot brew we moved on to see the ducks and the huge pigs. As well as animals there are lots of plants and flowers to look at on the nature walk, a shop selling produce from the farm and a gift shop selling souvineers.

       We all had a really good day, not everyone could have a sleep on the way home though……..just Sam

My handsome boys 🙂



The path we follow. September 22, 2012

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I read an article today in my local newspaper, the front page showed the the photos of two men who had been convicted of serious crimes and have been sent to prison for a substantial amount of time. I went to school with one of those men, shared a playground and played games with him. This made me think, how is it that people can follow such different paths on the road to adulthood?

I know that there are many medical and psychological studies which go in depth to try to understand and explain why humans do what we do, for example, did you know psychopaths apparently have an impaired sense of smell?

Does childhood cement the type of adult we are going to be? Is it all about how we are brought up, destiny, what or who we encounter or maybe just life choices along the way?
I personally think it is a mixture of them all, and is different for different people. Some people who have been through the most terrible things during their formative years can go on to live happy, full lives, I’m sure their experiences never leave them entirely but they somehow carry on. Others try to live but struggle to forget the bad things and can’t live the life they would otherwise choose to have. Some will repeat history, taking on behaviours they have learnt, hurting themselves and/or others in the process.

The boy I knew in the playground was cheeky, a touch mischievous and a could be a little bit naughty in class, but I never thought that his life would go so wrong in the end. At the end of the day I guess that we will never truly know why things turn out the way they do, outsiders can only speculate and have a personal opinion, unless you are that person and have lived the life that created you.


3 Day week September 19, 2012

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I returned to work this week albeit part-time, after 10 amazing months of maternity leave. Not much has changed, thankfully, i still know most of the staff and the new ones seem nice but I have noticed 2 things:

  1. I miss my little boy more than I imagined I could, I feel like I leave a little smiley piece of myself at home for 3 days
  2. It is so quiet at work!

The latter comment is like saying building sites are a place of tranquility – I teach in a school of 1100 students, that certainly does not make for a quiet place. It is though, in comparison to spending the day with Sam who is so noisy and boisterous.

I miss that noise terribly.

 I knew of course that I would miss things like his sweet little babbles, raspberry blowing, cheeky smiles and planting sticky wet kisses on my lips, but how is it that I yearn to hear him shout in my ear in frustration, to cry because I put him down to go to the toilet, or to refuse to eat his dinner? I am truly amazed that the things which drained me the most at home are the now some of the things i notice are gone from my day!

Now please dont get me wrong, i am enjoying being ‘back in the real world’ of adult conversation and toilet breaks in peace but I still wish I could stay at home with the little man to throw things on the floor and talk to inanimate objects.  I have to work, I need to work, the bills wont pay themselves, nor will food magically appear in the cupboards. I just feel that I am missing out on time in Sam’s life that will pass oh so quickly and we’ll never get back.

Ah well, needs must and at least he gets to have fun with his Granny for a day and his Auntie who gets 2, (lucky lady)

For now I get the best smiles and kisses when I get home from work. Untill, that is, I want to go to the toilet…….

My little man on an occasion where he would eat his dinner!


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